Solo Exhibition at The Horseroom Gallery @ The Firehouse in Worcester, MA | April 22 -  April 30 2023
Curated by Maya Rubio

the banquet is a site-specific installation and day-long activation series that took place at the firehouse on april 22, 2023 (earth day). 


1. sip
cube of ice, drinking vessel (cup, bowl, bucket, non-plastic)
place ice cube inside vessel. shake, roll, spin, and jostle the ice cube inside the vessel to produce noise. make noise until ice cube melts. sip the remaining water.

2. snack
peelable fruit (orange or clementine), enough space on the ground
stand and peel fruit using your hands. really dig in with your fingers. use your nails. take your time. don’t try to peel it all in one go. let the pieces fall on the ground. when the fruit is peeled completely hold it softly in your hand. arrange the fallen peels into a circle around where you stand. inside this circle you are protected. eat each segment of fruit slowly, savoring. lick your fingers. when the fruit is gone, rest one hand on your belly, the other on your chest. look up. feel gratitude.

3. supper
potato chips, grapes sliced in half, garnish (parsley, mint, basil), another person(s)
to prepare a bite, place halved grape on top of potato chip with a sprig of garnish. share this bite with someone by placing it in their mouth. allow them to savor it, then let them return the favor (flavor). repeat until full.

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